BroadAxis offers cloud solutions designed specifically for your business ownership technological needs. Whether your business needs cloud migration or utilization of a hybrid cloud solution, with a mix of locally installed servers and cloud computing, we will find resolutions to your questions to facilitate the best solution for your organization.


Cloud migration is the process of partial or complete deployment of an organization’s services, digital assets, Information Technology resources or operations to the cloud.

Cloud computing attracts many organizations due to its scalability, ease of management and cost- effectiveness.


Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that utilize both, private cloud and third-party, public cloud services with explication of the two platforms. This allows assignments to move between private and public clouds as computing needs and costs change, hybrid cloud give companies greater flexibility and more data distribution options.

BroadAxis will:

Work to understand your business, and provide technology solutions that will help your organization grow and remain secure.
Provide comprehensive business processes and technology analysis, evaluating how your business currently uses technology.
Provide solutions based on elimination of risk, increase performance and productivity.

Offer feedback to increase cost-effectiveness and decrease profit loss and frustration regarding Information Technology issues.

Our vetting process is an added-value for our clients. Our goal is to provide efficiency with your time and ours in mind. With every interaction, we strive to ensure our performance meets your satisfaction.

BroadAxis has the expertise, resources and tools to help your business use technology in a common sense, cost effective way. Call today or fill out the Let’s Connect form and we’ll contact you right away.


BroadAxis’ vision for the cloud in business is concentrated on preserving your organization’s limited resource – human attention. The capability of Office 365 lies in its unsurpassed ability to consistently synthesize an individual’s digital work and life experiences so that the consumer can achieve more with less.

In today’s business most industries worldwide are using the cloud to transition into digital. For that reason, companies are drawn to Office 365 for cost effectiveness, however it is quickly becoming a fundamental key in the competitive market due to other benefits like greater business dexterity and decreased IT complexity.

Take advantage of these benefits Office 365 has to offer:

  • Your Go-To Office—Anywhere
  • Tools for the Professional
  • Tools for Teamwork
  • Easy Management
  • Works More Securely

Allow BroadAxis the opportunity to service your Office 365 needs…it’s the best decision for your business and personal needs.


Data migration is the process of transferring data between different schemes, storage devices or computers. Our approach to data migration begins with meticulous and structured planning to avoid complications and ensure an efficient data transfer.

Our technology professionals utilize a proprietary process to create a custom solution for your best business performance and compliance by:

Safeguard protected migration of data with optional retirement of aging systems in regard of more compliance-friendly solutions
Secure faster data speeds
Validate protection from potential data loss by reinforcing data prior to migration

BroadAxis will advise your company to achieve best business results by awarding you the best version of your data to work with. Our Data Migration Solutions offer the following benefits:

Better usage and functionality of a new or amended system, complete with all of your content where you need it to be
Increased efficiency and accountability once in a new or modified system
Improved consumer experience with data-reliant solutions upon migration


Server migration is a process in which data is transferred from one server to another.

With server virtualization, security services and cloud consulting from BroadAxis, we use our broad experience and industry best practices to build and thoroughly support a technology infrastructure that will benefit your business for years to come.

Let BroadAxis help you determine your migration options and show you the benefits, including better performance, more informed business decisions, reduced maintenance costs, and quicker response to changing market demands.


Most companies have to alternate their laptops and PCs about every three or four years. Technology progresses so quickly that computers need to be upgraded to run newer applications, before the warranty expires and is left unrepairable by desk-side support.

The refresh process is timely and continuous, once the computers are upgraded, it is time to start the process over. Given the involvement of the task, employing a permanent IT staff to handle the job is too costly and tedious for many firms. Desktop migration professionals tend to have a raised skill set because of the liability associated with the process, so they request higher salaries.

For this reason, the clear choice to outsource this function is BroadAxis, a company devoted to the task of efficient and cost-effective desktop migration services.

BroadAxis offers:

The benefits of outsourcing the desktop migration process outweigh those associated with doing the job in house.

Some of these benefits are:

  • Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction
  • Lowered Costs, Greater Flexibility and More Control
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Convenient Remote Service

A Full Package within Budget

Countless details are involved in the desktop migration process. If done incorrectly, the company pays the price of lower employee productivity, reduced customer satisfaction and diminished profits.

By contracting with BroadAxis that has a professional staff dedicated to this task, the project will be on schedule. Refreshes are completed the first time and at the convenience of the customer, so the whole process is cost effective and more efficient. Lastly, BroadAxis allows your company to focus on your business rather than your IT needs.