We know organizations are becoming increasingly diverse and globally competitive so in order to support the complexity of the regional Industry and Services market, our mission is to deliver valuable service levels, efficient external resources and highly-qualified professionals.

BroadAxis is a professional service firm that delivers AI-powered software and technical solutions to the organizations who want to leverage data and machine learning algorithms for business value.

BroadAxis builds its strategy on the following techniques:

Staff Augmentation

We believe in Staff augmentation, a flexible outsourcing strategy that enables you to hire talent globally and manage your augmented team directly. You are the one to choose from the candidates that fit your requirements and to cut or extend your augmented team whenever you need to.

Unique Recruitment Model with AI Sourcing

This new technology is designed to streamline or automate some part of the recruiting workflow, especially repetitive, high-volume tasks. It is an emerging category of HR technology designed to reduce — or even remove — time-consuming activities like manually screening resumes.

Proprietary Facial and Emotional Identification System

it’s a handy way to eliminate proxy interviews. Their algorithms can decipher how enthusiastic, bored or honest a job applicant may be — and help employers weed out candidates with undesirable characteristics.

Professional Domain with Domain Expertise

In a fast changing world expertise can be defined in different ways however BroadAxis explains domain expertise as knowledge, experience and competence that is acquired through a consistent track record of successful projects accomplished in various domain areas.
It helps to reduce costs, optimize supply chains, manage risk, improve customer experience, and Increase revenue, no matter which industry you are in.

Incubation Services

Business incubation helps startups by providing their clients with services on a ‘one-stop-shop’ basis and enabling overheads to be reduced by sharing costs, business incubators significantly improve the survival and growth prospects of new start-ups.


Finding talented recruits can be tedious process, and it’s clear that recruiters often revisit job hunters they’ve put on the bench. Here we jump in for rebadging
those positions that our clients need to fill every now and then. We offer a single cost solution to optimize clients HR operations. Especially if you’re under increasing pressure to optimize the team and cost utilization. This will not only provide Vendor consolidation on fixed and variable costs but will also prove cost effective while re-routing high cost to dynamic high performance human talent.